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Tips for Being a Sucessful Contact Lens Wearer

1. Always wash your hands prior to handling your contact lenses.

  • Don't use hand sanitizer as a wash.
  • Refrain from smelly soaps or lotions as a wash.

2. Put your make-up on after inserting your contact lenses. It can help with initial and lasting comfort of your contact lenses.

3. If the contact lens is uncomfortable on insertion, it may be inside out or something on the lens. Remove, rinse, and check the contact lens.

4. Do Not wear someone else's contact lenses or let anyone else wear your contact lenses.

5. Refrain from swimming in your contact lenses.

  • If so, wear non leaky goggles or keep your eyes shut when splashing and under water.

6. If you fall asleep in your contact lenses, use a rewetting drop prior to removal. Upon wakening, you may experience discomfort and blurry vision. The best advice is to never sleep in your contact lenses. If you have any problems call our office immediately.

7. Do Not reuse your case solution. Always use fresh solution and never "top off" solution.

8. Always "rub" your contact lenses even though the multipurpose solution says "no rub." This will ensure you are getting a better cleaning.

9. Use a new case at least every 3 months and clean your case daily with hot water if needed.

10. If you can't get the lens out of the eye, relax, don't panic and don't rub your eye. Shut your eye, take a moment, and try again. Also, you can insert rewetting drops approved for contact lens use into your eye before trying again. If you still have problems call our office.

11. Make sure you wear quality sunglasses that have UV protection within the lens.

If you have any problems, please call our office at 469-444-8888.

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